GCCS Bylaws

GCCS is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) educational organization

GCCS Bylaws


Bylaws of the Greater Cincinnati Chinese School

(1st Established - May 1st, 1995)

(Revised on 2006, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016 Target Implementation – 2016-17 School Year)

Article I. Organization Name

The chartered name of this organization is the Cincinnati Contemporary Chinese School, with its operational name as Greater Cincinnati Chinese School (GCCS).

Article II. Mission Statement

Our mission: to teach Chinese language and promote Chinese culture.

Here are the principals of our operation:

(1) To provide opportunities of learning Chinese language and culture for people in Cincinnati and its surrounding areas.

(2) To foster unity and effectiveness of effort among all concerned with teaching of Chinese language.

(3) To enhance the contributions of the Chinese community to the cultural diversity and dynamics of the region.

(4) GCCS is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) educational organization and achieves its objectives by conducting lectures and meetings, producing publications, and making available information concerning the teaching and learning of Chinese language. It cooperates with local and national organizations in the advancement of culture, stimulation of learning, promotion of high professional standards and integrity in education. It provides community services. These objectives are pursued without prejudice toward any individuals or groups.

Article III.  Board of Directors

Section 1: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for overall policy making of GCCS.  The Board shall consist of nine (9) to thirteen (13) members, including Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer.  All Board members serve on volunteer basis.

Section 2: Directors

  1. New members of the Board shall be nominated by the current Board members and approved by a minimum of two-third (2/3) majority.
  2. The term for the Board is two (2) years. Upon term expiration, should member remain on the board for the following term shall be approved by a minimum of two-third (2/3) majority.
  3. Under the circumstance that there would have been more than thirteen (13) Board members, a marginal election shall be conducted among existing Board members to form the new Board.  All existing Board members shall cast their votes to the ones who are most suitable to remain on the Board.  The required number of members who receive the most votes will stay to serve on the new Board.

Under the circumstance that there are fewer than nine (9) members serving the Board, new Board members should be nominated and approved by the current Board according to Article III Section 2.1.

Section 3: Chair and Vice Chair

  1. The Chair and Vice Chair shall be elected by a two-third (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors.
  2. The term of the Chair and Vice Chair is two (2) years. The Chair shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms, while the Vice Chair shall be eligible for election as Chair.

Section 4: Board Meetings

  1. The Board of Directors shall conduct formal meetings dedicated to School organizational and financial matters. Board meetings shall be called by the Chair or a two third 2/3 majority of the members. A mandatory annual board meeting shall be held between school years.
  2. A quorum must be formed by at least two thirds (2/3) of the Board members before motions can be made or passed. Absentee vote in writing sent to all Board members shall be taken as a part of a quorum count.

Section 5: Motions

Passage of motions shall require two-third (2/3) majority votes of all Board members.

Article IV. School Council

Section 1: The School Council shall consist of the Principal, Vice Principal and Dean, Chief Financial Officer, and other members as determined necessary by the Principal. All Council members serve on voluntary basis.

Section 2: The Principal shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors and is responsible for the overall operation of GCCS. The Principal is appointed by a two-third (2/3) majority of the Board to a two-year term. No individual should serve as Principal for more than two (2) consecutive terms. Should it become necessary due to serious lack of performance, policy violations and other serious issues, the Principal can be removed by the Board with a two-third (2/3) majority vote.

Section 3: The Principal is responsible for appointing all the members of the School Council, in consultation with the Board of Directors. The Principal is accountable to the Board of Directors by fulfilling the annual operational plan and following the Board-approved budget and financial guidelines.

Section 4: The Principal is responsible for reporting annually (desirable at the end of each school year) school operation conditions and have it reviewed by the Board. The Board will provide feedbacks to the Principal.

Article V. School Financial Accounts

Section 1: The school shall set up financial accounts with accredited banking institutions. All school related business transactions shall be conducted using these financial accounts.

Section 2: All school’s financial accounts must be under ownership of the current Chairman of the Board of Directors and/or current Principal of the school.

Section 3: In the occurrence of leadership alternation, ownership of all financial accounts must be transferred to the new leadership within 4 weeks after the alternation.

Article VI.  School Financial Operations

Section 1: The tuition and other appropriate fees are set by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.  The tuition shall be set to cover all the costs of school operation, including reimbursements to teachers, classroom rentals, textbooks, teaching supplies, and other services retained by the School.

Section 2: No part of the net earnings of GCCS shall be distributed to its Officers or other private persons except that GCCS shall be authorized to pay reimbursement for services rendered.

Section 3: The Board of Directors shall review and approve the budget proposed by the Principal, and all expenditures must be within the budget.  Any major changes to the budget must be approved by the Board.  The general financial information of GCCS shall be made available to parents, Board members and the general public following legal guidelines.

Section 4: The Principal and the Board Chair shall jointly have authority to make necessary purchases for the School. Major spendings (>$5000) shall be approved by a two third (2/3) of majority of the Board of Directors.

Article VII. Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Section 1: The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is the primary vehicle of parental involvement in school activities.

Section 2: The President and Vice President of the PTO shall be chosen by GCCS parents.  The term for the President of PTO is two (2) year.

Section 3: The PTO President shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors of GCCS and shall coordinate all activities closely with the Principal and facilitate the communication between the School Council and parents.

Article VIII. Teachers and Students

Section 1: The School shall recruit highly qualified and motivated teachers interested in teaching Chinese language and culture. They shall be recruited based on their experience and educational background.

Section 2: Any person, regardless of race, age, gender and national origin, shall be eligible to enroll as a student, as long as s/he is interested in learning Chinese language and culture, observes generally accepted school rules, and pays all appropriate school fees in a timely manner. 

Article IX. Amendments

Amendments to the bylaws may be proposed by the Board of Directors.  Ratification shall require a two-third majority vote of the Board of Directors.

These Bylaws were approved at a meeting of the Board of Directors of GCCS on the 10th day of August 2016.