By registering classes at Greater Cincinnati Chinese School ("GCCS"), the student, parents or legal guardians ("You") have read the followng consent, release agreement and authorization terms.  You understand and agree fully with the provisions.

1. The student and parents or legal guardians release and discharge GCCS, its officers, teachers, and representatives from any and all obligations and/or liability resulting from accidents, injuries, or otherwise occurring as a result of participation in, or attendance at any GCCS activity.

2. In order to provide the most effective tools to enhance students learning, GCCS may use online courses and applications, which would require parental permission for their child to obtain access to the internet. When registering or using such courses and applications, certain personal identifying information, including but not limited to student’s name, address, phone number, age, gender, grade, email address, and learning progress, may be provided to the web site operators. GCCS has the permission to provide such personal identifying information of the student in order to take online courses and use online applications.  
Since the online courses/applications are web-based, content accessed from home or elsewhere outside the school could put the student in contact with objectionable materials via the internet. It is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians of the student under 18 years old to restrict any access to materials deemed inappropriate by the parents or legal guardians.
In the video portion of the course the student’s image may be transmitted during video portions of the online courses.

3. In the event that the student becomes ill or injured during any GCCS activity, its officers, teachers, and representatives have the permission to have reasonably adequate medical services provided to the student, including the transportation of the student to an appropriate emergency medical facility.

4. GCCS is authorized to publish the student’s pictures or videos taken at school activities on school website or publications.